Monday, August 23, 2010

Back On My Feet Again ???

I've been off track for some considerable time now. Some of you will know that my little brother took his life getting on for a couple of years ago. On top of this my mother, who was destitute in Spain suffering from dementia lived out her life in a spanish Care Home and eventually passed on last December. My more immediate nuclear family has been dogged with illness - my daughter has ME and Fibromyalgaea while my partner has a chronic form of leukaemia. All this has added up to me not coping so well. I certainly have neglected my blogging and record reviewing.
After 8 months grief counselling with a Jane, a lovely lady from Cruse, and some therapeutic art at a mental health drop in unit in brighton, I am feeling like I want to get back to writing etc. So her I am.
I''ll start gently by just showing you a few of my drawings. I've found the process intriguing - although I have occasionally drawn before, I have never really quite found it so absorbing and comforting. Please let me know if you like it.

The materials used are pencil crayons and wax crayons - I especially like the chunky varieties that are sold for toddlers to use with their pudgy little hands. They seem to suit my clumsy style!

There are plenty more where these came from. If anyone likes them enough to comment favourably, I'll put up a few more. Thanks for visitng and come back soon.



Blogger Sparkle said...

wow these drawings are great! full of life! i love them!
im sparkle!! check out my blog :D
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