Saturday, April 04, 2009

Blaker's Park Community Picnic

This year's Blaker's Park Community Picnic is on Saturday 20th June from 11am till 6pm. So far we have Saravian, Dave Woozely, Caitlin Stubbs, Paradise9, That Legendary Wooden Lion, Jules Franks, Jack Psychosis and Xanthus lined up. We hope to present a number of new acts from the local area. Rising Star Pippa Drysdale has expressed an interest in performing but this will depend on her being able to timetable us before going off to Bramfest for her set later in the day.

We will have to be careful not to overbook what is really quite a short day but we may be able to fit in a few more acts provided we can build a big enough stage are which enables us to be setting up one band while another is performing. This will mean that performers will have to be not-too-precious in sound-checking etc

We will be pleased to accept offers of help backstage - as well as offers of equipment loans - mikes, stands, cables, stools, drumkit, etc

please get in touch:-

Abi Rhodes/Ian Lawes

35 Waldegrave Road, Brighton BN1 6GR

01273 270501



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