Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fiveways Hosts Double World Film Premiere

Fiveways Hosts Double World Film Premiere

On a balmy early autumn evening in October, The Red Carpet was rolled out across the yard of Balfour Junior School as not one, but two, hard-hitting new documentary films were released upon an unsuspecting public. The Shoot It For Yourself production company in association with BJS had pulled out all the stops been working overtime to make sure that “The Amazing Adventures Of A Plastic Bag” and “Revenge Of The Rubbish” were rushed through all the stages of post-production in time for this glamourous and prestigious event.

And what a glitzy affair it turned out to be. The Paparazzi were out in force led by representatives from ITV Local and the inimitable press-pack from Balfour Junior TV. Former Mayor and Mayoress of our city Mr Bob & Mrs Merle Carden were in attendance but their limelight was somewhat upstaged by the antics of Brighton & Hove Albion FC mascot and superstar Mr C Gulley, who entertained the expectant hoards of fans with demonstrations of his Prowess without the Ball.

The crowd was so vast and eager to see the blockbusting double-bill that, in the interests of Public Safety, it was decided to quickly organise 2 showings. So while the first audience was admitted to the auditorium, the remaining fans waere allowed to extend the pre-cinematic revelry by spending extra time and cash at the bar so professionally provided and run by The Friends of Balfour Association.

Once in at the main event, MC Mark eloquently introduced Head Teacher Mr Jones, replete in penguin suit and startling red dickie bow. The Head welcomed the assembled multitude and acknowledged the hard work of all the children, staff and helpers who had made these films and reality. He then called forward The Director Ms Fiona Adams who was presented with 2 dozen magnificent pink roses, and she in turn made the traditional acceptance on behalf of all concerned….

Once the formalities were over, the hall settled down to watch the movies they had all come to see.

“The Adventures Of A Plastic Bag,” much as expected, chronicled the ups and downs in the life of just one of the millions of bags consumed in the city each year. It concentrated on the dangers it presented to wildlife and the environment as it progressed through its seemingly endless existence. Particular emphasis was placed on the effect on marine ecology which seemed especially relevant to a City By The Sea. “Revenge Of The Rubbish” featured two vicious little items of litter – a plastic drinks bottle and a beer can who continually conspired to do their worst to spoil things for the planet and the population at large. Guest appearances by the ubiquitous Fat Boy Slim and artist Lou McCurdy, who spoke about the effects the rubbish has on city life, among many interviewees including students from Balfour provided some food for thought to the audience who went home with plenty to think about. A selection of Ms McCurdy’s sculptures made from beach-combed litter were on hand for all to appreciate.

Asked for his comments on the films, Mayor Carden described the work of the film-makers as both “Fantastic” and “Educational.” And he recalled days gone by when he’d been sent to the corner shop for two pounds of potatoes and a pat of butter armed only with a few pennies and a string bag – never a plastic bag or packaging other than a sheet of greasproof in sight. And the response to the same question from Gulley?? Merely, “Kaaaargh!”

**** DVDs of both films are available in a single package from WigWam at Fiveways



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