Thursday, May 17, 2007


Every year The Friends of Blaker's Parkhold a Community Picnic in the

Traditionally we have always been able to provide live music as the
main entertainment at the event and it has usually been presented by
the brilliant Rock's Kool organisation which enables local youngsters
to develop their musical skills and form bands to perform to their
families, friends and the public

This year our Picnic will take place on Saturday 16th June between
11am and 5pm but sadly Rock's Kool is not available to perform.

So we are looking for performers and bands who would like to perform
short sets (about 15 minutes) through the day

We have got a couple of bands lined up at present but need several

Sadly we are unable to provide any offer of payment but performers
welcome to pass the hat should they be so inclined

There will be an electrical supply available but acts will need to
bring their own amps, mikes etc or go acoustic

If anyone is interested they should contact me, Abi Rhodes via

01273 270501



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