Thursday, December 15, 2005



Had a great night out at the Komedia on Monday

As I told you last week I was going to see my friend Sam Walker aka The Muel performing both on his todd and as the backing band for John Watts - ex-Fischer-Z

It was a storming night out

They played a zonking set of the first order and confirmed that the fashion in recent years for duos (White Stripes) etc is fully justified in economic terms

There's just no need for the full orchestra when you've got a good singer and a totally empathetic multi-instrumentalist sidesperson

John is an absolute hoot - his sense of humour is right off the scale and his songs are funny, pithy, pathetic and everything else you could wish them to be
His style varies from Neil Young heavy grungy Country Rock (particularly good on the Rust Never Sleeps and Freedom type sounds) to 70s punk and all stops in between
He jumps about like a slow-motion Pete Townshend - someone once said every teenager's fantasy is to be in the Who - John is living this fantasy at 50!

Sam's drumming and melodica playing (!) was shit hot - very funky but tight to the extent of anal retention and was able to follow John's every wayward twist and turn

The photo is a bit out of date - they didn't look 1/4 as studious as that but I forgot to take my camera - sorry!

About 100 were in the audience and although many were clearly existing fans of one or the other musician it was clear that those who'd just come along for the ride had a stonking good time too

REALLIFEISGOODENOUGH is the title of the current CD album release is Watt's website - visit it to try the sample track and then buy it!

The outfit deserves much wider recognition & appreciation than it currently has in the UK - they're huge in Germany apparently - but it's nice to feel part of a very well kept secret


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