Sunday, December 11, 2005

ITV Local Brighton

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ITV is piloting a local TV station for Brighton and another for Hastings.

This is the start of a new era in television - use of the internet to reach an audience smaller than is economical or logistically possible using traditional transmission methods. And the omnipresent BBC is planning to do something similar soon.

A brief watch this afternoon has convinced me that this is the future. In the connected home where this can be streamed onto TVs in living rooms and where internet TV and Freeview/satellite can be switched between seamlessly, the very local focus of the channel will have many, many viewers.

The weather forecast is focused on the Brighton area with attention directed from Worthing to Newhaven along the coast and not as far north as Crawley. There are separate, concurrent channels showing News and Sport, Weather, What’s On, Classified Ads, locally-produced films and a couple of others I haven’t watched yet.

The channel’s not completely finished yet - you cannot upload content or classified ads yet - but the power to communicate via the televisual medium to a very local audience will be very, very useful.

ITV Local

I do believe it is long past the time we should have been able to watch BBC television on the internet - but I can see the licence fee problem for this availability… But commercial television (Channel Four and ITV) - they’ve got nothing to lose by having a new audience consuming their adverts! I look forward to further exploitation of the internet’s potential!


Anonymous Gavin Ayling said...

It's strange how little publicity there is about this - it's good that this news can be spread by bloggers!

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