Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Dishy

Well, the event in Blaker's park on Sunday was, I think, an unqualified success.

Despite traffic problems in Bournemouth Santa arrived just a few minutes late and dished out prezzies to lots of good little girls and boys who came to see him in his grotto and he only managed to make one or two of them cry

The music played all afternnon while folk strolled in the park, played in the playground or just sat and sipped tea and read the Sunday papers

The cafe did its usual roaring trade in coffee & cake and supplemented these with hot toddies and seasonal fayre and the occasional hot dog

Then at 6 o'clock, their mummies and daddies all took them home to...

No that's wrong...

At six o'clock crowds gathered carrying torches and lanterns to sing carols and imbibe good cheer

A thoroughly good time was had by all

Thank you once again Dishy for all you've done for the Park and the local community throughout 2005

We look forward to more of the same in 2006


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