Friday, August 12, 2005

Sweet Relief

I don't wish to get involved in the debate as to whether, taking inflation into account, spending 20pence to use the new facilities at Brighton Station compares well with the penny of byegone eras.
I would however like to argue that the ease with which one can use a decent public toilet when one needs to is a significant indicator of just how civilised a modern society may be.
Sadly, nowadays, both as a city and nation, Brighton and UK fail miserably.
I'd like us to take a leaf out of Spain's book where it is a legal requirement, I believe, that cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants are obliged tyo make their toilet facilities available to the general public, whether or not the person is conducting any other 'business' at the establishment.
To encourage this practice here in Britain, proprietors could perhaps be offered the incentive of a 'relief' on their commercial rates bill. It would have the added possibility that once someone hads entered the premises they might be tempted to spend more than the intended penny!


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