Thursday, July 21, 2005

Double Yellows

There's more trouble brewing round here in Fiveways.It's to do with a reported proposal to put double yellow lines 5 yards each side of all the road junctions in the Golden Triangle. This is not a new idea - it has been proposed and rejected before. It's bloody stupid!

Now we appreciate that parking on corners is a nuisance and needs to be discouraged - it causes danger for motorist and pedestrian alike. But the extent of the yellow lines is what's open to question. 2 yards each side of junctions would be plenty.

It's been calculated that the 5 yard proposal would take awat some 50 or so parking spaces from the area. We poor residents have been struggling not to get into double parking at night for some years now and often have to walk a couple of streets to get home after an evening out. There is just not enough parking as it is!

What are the council's motives for this threat? I guess it's a neat way into putting meters in the streets round here. Like they've done quite unnneccessarily in Port Hall and other parts of town. This means residents will have to purchase annual parking permits. Of course it's all about generating income for their coffers.

I suppose this means another boring campaign against council madness. With embarrassing exchanges between the fascistic minions of Jenny Rowlands and the locals who think they're oh-so-radical in their approach to living here. It's a shame they can't all get together to produce some local resources of real value - a community centre, youth activities, elderly persons clubs etc rather than expending so much hot air.

What do we elect our councillors for if not to fight our corner for us - they seem incapable of doing so. We rejected cabinet style local government a couple of years ago but it seems to have arrived by the back door. That's Leninism for you!

Anyway I suppose we'd better get together and kick this daft proposal into touch pronto and then move onto something more productive - but I suspect the radicals will go back into their shells until there's something else to get ANGRY about!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the double yellow lines are for saftey reasons - people park dangerously around 'the golden triangle', often you cant see when crossing the road or when turning right. Breing on the double yellows!

9:25 AM  

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