Friday, June 17, 2005

Music programme for Blaker's Park Community Picnic

and some advice for performers

Running Order For Blaker’s Park – Saturday 25 June
11.30 – 1.30 then 2.30 – 4.30. Everyone is Welcome.
Please remember to ensure that your guitars are labelled both on the case and on the inside with both your name and the name of your band
Please arrive at least 30 minutes before you are due on stage. This gives us a chance to tune your guitars and for you to get yourselves ready.
11.30 A Resounding Thumbs Up
11.40 Jaffa
11.50 Cloud Runner
12.00 Farmyard Boys
12.10 Spotlight
12.20 Big Wig
12.30 Band of Many Hats
12.40 Glasnost
12.50 Ideosynchrisy
1.00 New DT
1.10 Tangled Web
1.15 Taste of Tarmac
1.25 Minty and Alex
1.30 – 2.30 Break for Covers Band.
2.30 Last of the Silver Skins
2.40 Memphis Reigns
2.50 Taste of Tarmac
2.55 Rebel Yell
3.05 Pulse
3.15 Ravens
3.20 New Band 14
3.30 Trio (The Nigels)
3.40 Between The Acts
3.50 Mad Hatters
4.00 Middle Finger
4.10 Undone
4.20 Methadone Pretty


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