Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Local Blogger alert.

For anyone who is not sure, a blog or web log is a sort of online diary which is like a website but much easier to maintain on a day-to-day basis by someone who is unfamiliar or can't be bothered with regular web design. It free or very cheap to run depending which provider you blog with and the level of sophistication you require. To start your own blog try Blogger - click the icon in the top left corner of this page - it's free and pretty easy to use. is a blog posted by a local Fiveways resident and covers items of local interest as well as general, more global, stuff. Abi is particularly involved in writing a music column and record reviews for a bi-monthly tabloid for consumers of cannabis and supporters of moves to get the herb legalised. Most of Abi's published items also appear on the blog.
Check out for further details of that paper. Any local bands looking for exposure please contact Abi at - Abi will review your releases on the blog even if they fail to be published in CCNewz.

Any other local bloggers wishing to attract the attention of Fiveways residents please put your details including URL, email addy and description of the nature of your blog into the comments section below.

A comprehensive list of Brighton Blogs can be found at

Happy blogging.


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