Friday, May 06, 2005

Spin Doctors Mobile Disco....

....radiates outwards from Fiveways. Since he started, The Spin Doctor has been able to meet a huge range of musical needs at all sorts of parties - birthdays, weddings, Christmas and kids' celebrations. He has appeared in Blaker's Park several times -at cafe events (Haloween, Christmas Carol Concert and Easter Egg Hunt) and at the Community Picnic supporting Rock's Kool. He has done gigs for Ravers of all ages from 8-year olds to the members of Day Centres for Senior Citizens (where incidentally the favourite sounds were those from the Days of Bill Hayley to the Beatles).
His extensive CD and record collection means the disco can cater for all tastes from The Nostalgic Sounds of time before the Rock'n'Roll Era, through the 50s & 60s, Psychedelia, 70s Disco, Punk & New Wave, R'n'B, House & Trance and into the Modern Pop Era. Classical, Film Soundtracks, World Music & Jazz Programmes are also available to anyone wishing to extend beyond the reaches of everyday Pop.
His favourite event is one where the whole gamut of musical styles and eras can be mixed together so there's chance for all present to hear and dance to music they like to get down to.
The Spin Doctor aims to be able to play as many requests as he can at events and offers the opportunity for partygoers to dedicate tracks to their friends, making the occasion as personal and as interactive as possible.
Rates are £30 per hour with a minimum charge of £75, plus hire fees of any special equipment such as lighting rigs etc. that may be required. The Disco will travel freely within 15 miles of Brighton. Gigs further afield may incur some travel expenses. A deposit of £30 is required to confirm a date. This is normaly non-returnable but will be taken as part payment of the final bill.
So if you're considering 'Avin' a Bitova KneesUp, then you could do a lot worse than booking The Spin Doctors Mobile Disco. Enquiries should be directed to Ian on Brighton 270501. Bookings are now being taken for events any time in the next 12 months.


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