Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Embassy Court

Thanks to Fred's Blog I came across this site giving a virtual tour of the recently refurbished Embassy Court on the seafront

Although the site doesn't seem to operate perfectly, I thought it might prove to be of interest to local residents who don't yet know about it

Christmas Dishy

Well, the event in Blaker's park on Sunday was, I think, an unqualified success.

Despite traffic problems in Bournemouth Santa arrived just a few minutes late and dished out prezzies to lots of good little girls and boys who came to see him in his grotto and he only managed to make one or two of them cry

The music played all afternnon while folk strolled in the park, played in the playground or just sat and sipped tea and read the Sunday papers

The cafe did its usual roaring trade in coffee & cake and supplemented these with hot toddies and seasonal fayre and the occasional hot dog

Then at 6 o'clock, their mummies and daddies all took them home to...

No that's wrong...

At six o'clock crowds gathered carrying torches and lanterns to sing carols and imbibe good cheer

A thoroughly good time was had by all

Thank you once again Dishy for all you've done for the Park and the local community throughout 2005

We look forward to more of the same in 2006

Thursday, December 15, 2005



Had a great night out at the Komedia on Monday

As I told you last week I was going to see my friend Sam Walker aka The Muel performing both on his todd and as the backing band for John Watts - ex-Fischer-Z

It was a storming night out

They played a zonking set of the first order and confirmed that the fashion in recent years for duos (White Stripes) etc is fully justified in economic terms

There's just no need for the full orchestra when you've got a good singer and a totally empathetic multi-instrumentalist sidesperson

John is an absolute hoot - his sense of humour is right off the scale and his songs are funny, pithy, pathetic and everything else you could wish them to be
His style varies from Neil Young heavy grungy Country Rock (particularly good on the Rust Never Sleeps and Freedom type sounds) to 70s punk and all stops in between
He jumps about like a slow-motion Pete Townshend - someone once said every teenager's fantasy is to be in the Who - John is living this fantasy at 50!

Sam's drumming and melodica playing (!) was shit hot - very funky but tight to the extent of anal retention and was able to follow John's every wayward twist and turn

The photo is a bit out of date - they didn't look 1/4 as studious as that but I forgot to take my camera - sorry!

About 100 were in the audience and although many were clearly existing fans of one or the other musician it was clear that those who'd just come along for the ride had a stonking good time too

REALLIFEISGOODENOUGH is the title of the current CD album release
www.johnwatts.co.uk is Watt's website - visit it to try the sample track and then buy it!

The outfit deserves much wider recognition & appreciation than it currently has in the UK - they're huge in Germany apparently - but it's nice to feel part of a very well kept secret

Monday, December 12, 2005

Turning Green this Chrissie?

Hello Abi

Two dates - one mission:

To dance, drink have a stonking great time with as many of you as possible before Christmas. Our present to you is our new show which we like to call 'The Wind Free Opera Show'. It contains the cream of our old favourites mixed up with our freshest new tunes - all naturally stuffed full with dirty grooves for your pleasure.

First off we'll be at the Landsdown on Station Street in Lewes (near Brighton) this Saturday the 17th.

Then it's to the Lion on Church Street in Stoke Newington (London N16) on Thursday the 22nd.

We hope you can join us on one of these dates - if not we'll take this opportunity to wish you a very fine Christmas!




Sunday, December 11, 2005

ITV Local Brighton

Copied from GavPOLITICS

ITV is piloting a local TV station for Brighton and another for Hastings.

This is the start of a new era in television - use of the internet to reach an audience smaller than is economical or logistically possible using traditional transmission methods. And the omnipresent BBC is planning to do something similar soon.

A brief watch this afternoon has convinced me that this is the future. In the connected home where this can be streamed onto TVs in living rooms and where internet TV and Freeview/satellite can be switched between seamlessly, the very local focus of the channel will have many, many viewers.

The weather forecast is focused on the Brighton area with attention directed from Worthing to Newhaven along the coast and not as far north as Crawley. There are separate, concurrent channels showing News and Sport, Weather, What’s On, Classified Ads, locally-produced films and a couple of others I haven’t watched yet.

The channel’s not completely finished yet - you cannot upload content or classified ads yet - but the power to communicate via the televisual medium to a very local audience will be very, very useful.

ITV Local

I do believe it is long past the time we should have been able to watch BBC television on the internet - but I can see the licence fee problem for this availability… But commercial television (Channel Four and ITV) - they’ve got nothing to lose by having a new audience consuming their adverts! I look forward to further exploitation of the internet’s potential!

Montreal Summit

I'd just like to say how pleased I am that the summit came to such a positive end. The Americans will be damned whatever they choose to do and there is some evidence that they have achieved as much not having subscribed to Kyoto as most of those who did.

Before we get bogged down by the avalanche of cynicism that will now start in the the wake of the summit, I just want to say well done to all those concerned for this magnificent achievement.

Many of us have who have 'light green' credentials will see this as real and genuine progress - I know there are plenty of deep green fascists and anti-globalisationists who will pour on plenty of scorn - I hope they choke on it!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dishy's Christmas Celebrations - Blaker's Park

Sunday 18th December

Santa's Grotto open from 3pm till 6pm

Seasonal Music and Popular Tunes of the Day from Spin Doctors Mobile Disco

Then Carol Singing led bySam Whiting and her group. Song sheets provided. Bring a lantern or torch to Light up the Park

Mince Pies, Hot Toddies, Dishy's Special Hot Dogs

Bring the Family to a great afternon of Festive Fun

Last year some 200 folk came along to make a great event - let's make it even bigger this year.

???Why not come in Fancy Dress???

Let me have digitised photos of the event and I will put them up for the World to See

Dispersal Notice for Fiveways Area

I should have posted on this matter before.

It seems to me that although the problems of teenage behaviour around the area at night seems to have grown recently, the response to issue a dispersal order is a particularly heavy handed and negative way of responding to the issue.

Firstly I dislike intensely the fact that the authorities think it's OK to communicate with the local community by sticking up notices on lamposts as if they were planning applications. It smacks of distain for the intelligence of the population at large. The notice includes an invitation to direct comments to Chief Inspector Kerry Cox on 0845 607999. It has proved almost impossible to get through to this person directly and promises of a response to comments have not been kept. Has anyone managed to speak to her?

Where was the public consultation before this draconian action was taken? No-one I have spoken to was aware of any.
Why didn't the Council or the Police call a Public Meeting to discuss this issue and see whether any positive steps could be taken to occupy the kids more constructively in the evenings.

I have commented many times before that in so-called affluent middle class areas such as this the Young are very poorly catered for and are the most easily ignored until they find themselves in trouble. Those facilities which are available cater to an agenda - sport, church, anti-drugs etc - but there is essentially nothing for kids to do that allow them to set their own agendas. It's a great shame that the scheme for a Community Centre on the St Augustine's site came to nothing. So much for the C of E showing an interest in community needs.

Can we not utilise all those playing fields and school buildings which stand idle evenings, weekends and holiday times? There is an excellent resource for a wide variety of community led opportunites for our youngsters and others.

It would appear the only way to get things done around here is to make a big noise about it. No-one wants sensible discussion on the subjects of the recycling scheme or wheelie bins, it seems. They just cause a holler - whether it gets them anywhere I'm not sure. But if you feel passionately about the welfare of our kids - the next generation of responsible (or otherwise) citizens and future leaders of our community, perhaps it's time to start kicking up a fuss!

News from Blaker's Park

Issue 43 of the Friends of Blaker's Park Newsletter is being distributed at the moment. It contains a variety of news and views relevant to local residents including...

Details of the visit of a Very Important Person to the Park on 18th December
Notes from the AGM and synopsis of the illustrated talk on the history of Brighton Station
Teenagers & Dispersal Order
The Blaker Family
Update on Toilets for the Park - due next Spring hopefully
An idea for a new picnic table
The Community Composting Scheme
Midland bank refurbishment
Fire at St augustine's Church
New Pub Licensing arrangements

If you are not within the usual distribution area and would like to find out about any of this or how to join the Friends please call Philip Smith on 553330

Friday, December 09, 2005

Cover of "Rough in the Bedroom"

The Muel

Doin' anything Monday evening?

Doin' anything Monday evening?

I am

I'm going down to the Komedia in Sydney Street.

A great friend of mine is appearing Live from 7pm

The Show stars John Watts - poet/musician who made his name back in the 70s as Fisher Z - better known in Germany than here in Blighty

He is supported by Sam Walker aka The Muel, who will also be performing music from his home grown album 'Rough in the Bedroom'

Go to the website

Rough in the Bedroom to find out more about this. I will be reviewing the album very soon on my other blog
Spin Doctors Disco
very soon - so watch out for that

Anyway back to the gig .... entrance is a mere £7, concessions (whatever they are) £5

Hope to see you there

Thanks to The Fiveways Directory

Once again I must thank Tim Clark for mentioning this blog in the December edition of The Fiveways Directory.

You can contact Tim on 01273 562691 or email info@fivewaysdirectory.com

Here are a few up-and-coming highlights stolen from the Calendar pages....

Mobile Library in Sandgate Road 11-12.30 Wednesday 14th & 21st December

Learn African Body Percussion - St Augustines Church 5.45pm Thursdays 8th, 15th & 22nd December

Fathers Who Football - Saturdays 10th,17th & 24th December - Preston Park
contact Mal by email - fatherswhofootball@hotmail.co.uk

Once again I ask for your news of events or information concerning the Fiveways area so that this site can grow into a useful service to the Local Community.

Any local club & society organisers or even traders are welcome to submit articles about their activities, offers etc - it'll cost you nothing - but a pint wouldn't go amiss!

contact me at abi.rhodes@tiscali.co.uk