Thursday, August 18, 2005

Book Liberation Front

Commit random acts of literacy!
Book Crossing is fun
when you've enjoyed a story, do you REALLY want it to sit gathering dust on a shelf ad infinitum?
If not, liberate it on an unsuspecting world
Join Book Crossing & register the book
Put one of their labels in the book
release it - leave it to be found by a friendly passer-by
follow its progress on its intergalactic travels by tracking it on the website
Sounds like anarchy, sounds like fun
Go on - spoil yourself Go get book crossed!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Sweet Relief

I don't wish to get involved in the debate as to whether, taking inflation into account, spending 20pence to use the new facilities at Brighton Station compares well with the penny of byegone eras.
I would however like to argue that the ease with which one can use a decent public toilet when one needs to is a significant indicator of just how civilised a modern society may be.
Sadly, nowadays, both as a city and nation, Brighton and UK fail miserably.
I'd like us to take a leaf out of Spain's book where it is a legal requirement, I believe, that cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants are obliged tyo make their toilet facilities available to the general public, whether or not the person is conducting any other 'business' at the establishment.
To encourage this practice here in Britain, proprietors could perhaps be offered the incentive of a 'relief' on their commercial rates bill. It would have the added possibility that once someone hads entered the premises they might be tempted to spend more than the intended penny!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Brighton Stuff Shop

I've just started a new blog

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Win! Win! Win!

Music Lovers may wish to know that an opportunity to win tickets to see The magnificent Kronos Quartet performing in Londinium in October will (hopefully) be appearing soon in the Spin Doctors Mobile Disco blog at
very soon
Keeping checking to be the first on your street to enter

What's Happening?

Here's a selection of local events coming shortly

Anyone concerned in running them is welcome to add comments or email me with further details of the event or their organisation. This also applies to anyone wishing to notify other events. Thanks in advance

Wed. 10th, 24th August - mobile library Sandgatate Road - 11am- 12.30

Sat 13th, 20th, 27th Aug, 3rd Sept - Fathers who Football - 9-10am Preston Park - contact

Sat 3rd Sept - Hollingbury Bowls Club Charity Day 10.30am - 3pm in aid of Martletts Hospice

Sat 3rd Sept - Hollingdean Good Neighbour Scheme - Cream Tea & Fun Afternoon - St Richards Church, Beale Crescent

Sat 10th Sept - Hollingbury Park Avenue Street Party 1 5pm - in the street & St Matthias Church Hall

All the above are gleaned from the absolutely essential FIVEWAYS DIRECTORY - monthly mag of community news - contact Tim on 01273 562 691

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Beautiful Brighton Marina???????

Have you been down to the Marina lately?If you haven't, then get yer arse down there pronto. You will witness one of the Wonders of the Western World.I'm not talking about the fabulous sand sculptures at Black Rock - but they need to be viewed in all their fantastic kitsch glory before they're removed in September - they are great.No, I want you to stroll along the main road through the Marina passing The Seattle Hotel and the Walk of Fame - and imagine you are strolling along Ocean Boulevard in Los Angeles. You will be aided in this flight of fancy by the recent addition to the landscape of a regiment of carefully positioned PLASTIC PALM TREES!!!!!!!
Naff - or what? You tell me!
I'll take my camera next time I go to prove it!